Charlotte's Web School
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"A hundred years from now, it will not matter what kind of car I

drove, kind of house I lived in, how much money was in my bank

account, nor what my clothes looked like. But the world may be a

better place because I was important in the life of a child."   
                                                                            -Forest Witcraft


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-Charlotte's Web is a 12-month a year full-time school!

Infant Classroom: ~6 weeks thru 6 mos ~7 mos thru 12 mos
-Our infant facility provides individual beds for each child, high chairs, jumpers, & a variety of age appropriate toys for motor skill development. We implement appropriate feeding schedules, diaper changing, & offer daily parent "Cuddle Grams" (daily schedule of baby's activities). There is ALWAYS lots of hugging, holding, & talking. We believe in hands-on, nurturing care for our children! This is important for the security & comfort of your little one!

Toddler Classroom: ~12 mos thru 24 mos
-We use the High Reach Learning curriculum. It is designed specifically to promote language development, large & small motor skills, color recognition, dramatic play, social involvement, & healthy eating habits. We encourage self help skills to strengthen a child's self esteem.

Two year old Classroom:
-This is a unique age! This class is designed to promote learning and exploration through play which ultimately encourages mental growth & social involvement. It includes activity centers, working with hands-on material for developing large & small motor skills, reading & picture books, and the use of music to extend movement and memory skills. In this class, we also work with developing mental awareness, healthy feeding habits, and POTTY TRAINING.

Pre-K 3 Classroom & Pre-K 4 Classroom:
-These classes are separated according to age group. The A Beka Book Program is used in these particular classes. A Beka Book is an individualized program for Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4. They are different in the fact that they are each customized to fit the age requirement and learning abilities. The A Beka Book program is a wonderful Christian curriculum that integrates the overall use of phonics, math & reading readiness, number concepts, language & writing skills, manipulatives, science, arts & crafts, cooking, music appreciation, & much more. Our Prek-K 4 program is designed specifically to ensure that our children are ready and prepared to start Kindergarten at "Big School". Our curriculum encourages mental & social growth, physical activity, & character/spiritual development.

Summer Camp Programs: Offered through age 7!
Available from May through August. Fun-filled program that includes a multitude of activities including: swimming, sports, arts & crafts, in-house field trips, cooking instruction, theme weeks, & much more! Also included: daily breakfast, lunch, & snacks.

-Class Structures are based on birth date & developmental readiness.
-Department of State Licensing- Class A- regulates class sizes.

We love the Food Pyramid! Our meals and snacks are designed to meet the USDA required nutritional balance. At Charlotte's Web, we realize the importance of nutrition. Good nutrition is the bedrock of lifelong health & we believe it begins in infancy. Healthy eating can stabilize a child's energy, sharpen their minds, improve physical activity, and even help avoid sickness. We realize we must take the simple steps to assist parents in instilling healthy eating habits in order for the child to develop a healthy relationship with food from an early start. This will give them the best opportunity to grow into healthy, confident adults. To do this, we only serve the best quality foods that are fit to help your child bloom and grow! At Charlotte's Web, this includes Breakfast, Lunch, & Snacks.

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